Belarus: What next?

28 October 2020

wiiw invited three experts from Belarus to discuss the most urgent economic policy challenges for the country in light of the current crisis. Watch the video here.

In his recent Policy Note, Rumen Dobrinsky, wiiw Country Expert for Belarus, explored and identified the three most urgent economic policy challenges the country is facing:

  • Reform of the large-state owned companies;
  • Introduction of a genuine social safety net to mitigate an accompanying raise in unemployment;
  • Tackling balance-of-payments constraints in case Belarus loses access to international financial markets.

Together with Kateryna Bornukova, Academic Director and Dzmitry Kruk, Senior Researcher, both from the Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center (BEROC), and Alexander Chubrik, Director of IMP Research Centre, we discussed ways to reform the Belarussian economy and to put it on a sustainable growth path.

Watch the video here: