Confiscation of russian sovereign assets: What are the options?

14  December 2023    3:30 pm CET

Panelist: Andrii Mikheiev (International Center for Ukrainian Victory, Kyiv), Panelist: Maksym Kuzhdin (Center for Economic Strategy, Kyiv), Panelist: Martin Sandbu (Financial Times), Presenter: Olga Pindyuk (Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies)


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There is a growing consensus in the West that Russia should pay for damages and losses it has caused to Ukraine during its unprovoked war of aggression, which have already exceeded USD 400 billion. So far, the burden of funding Ukraine’s self-defence and recovery efforts has fallen on the shoulders of Ukraine and its Western partners. To fund the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war, some have proposed using the assets of the Russian Central Bank confiscated by Ukraine’s allies, which amount to approximately USD 300 billion but have so far been left untouched. At the webinar possible options regarding the confiscation of the Russian state assets will be discussed, using the economic and legal analysis of the Center for Economic Strategy together with the International Center for Ukrainian Victory as a starting point for the discussion.

The presentation if available, will be posted after the event.

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Andrii Mikheiev is International Law Expert at International Center for Ukrainian Victory and Anti-Corruption Expert at EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI). Previously he worked as Legal Expert at International Development Law Organization and Senior Legal Advisor at International Industrial Projects.


Maksym Kuzhdin is an analyst at the Center for Economic Strategy in Kyiv. Previously he worked as an analyst at Working Credit NFP, a Chicago-based nonprofit, performing policy and data analysis.
He also participated in advocacy efforts of a coalition of Illinois-based nonprofits to pass a bill regulating the credit repair industry.


Martin Sandbu is the Financial Times's European economics commentator. He also writes Free Lunch, the FT's weekly newsletter on the global economic policy debate. He has been writing for the FT since 2009, when he joined the paper as economics leader writer.
Before joining the FT, he worked in academia and policy consulting. He is the author of three books, on business ethics, the euro, and on the economics of belonging.


Olga Pindyuk is Economist at wiiw. She is country expert for Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Her research focuses on foreign trade, in particular trade in services, and foreign direct investment. Previously, she worked as a consultant with the World Bank (Ukraine office) and the DFID Ukraine Trade Policy Project.


Keywords: Russia’s war in Ukraine, assets confiscation, reparations.

JEL classification: F3, N4, K33