wiiw Spring Seminars

The wiiw Spring Seminar is a one-day event organised each year in March and presents research results on current economic developments in the region by wiiw staff as well as lectures by prominent outside experts. You will get an in-depth view of economic issues relevant for the CESEE region and have an opportunity to meet other people with an interest in the region. The Spring Seminar is an exclusive, by invitation only event.

30  March 2017    9:00 am

wiiw Spring Seminar 2017

Europe at a Crossroads

wiiw Spring Seminars

07  April 2016    9:00 am

wiiw Spring Seminar 2016

Europe's Integration Challenged

wiiw Spring Seminars

26  March 2015    9:00 am

wiiw Spring Seminar 2015

Options against an unravelling Europe

wiiw Spring Seminars

27  March 2014    9:00 am

wiiw Spring Seminar 2014

Sluggish Growth – Investment to the Rescue?

wiiw Spring Seminars

21  March 2013    9:00 am

Is There a Growth Strategy for Central and Eastern Europe?

wiiw Spring Seminars

23  March 2012    9:00 am

wiiw Spring Seminar 2012

Convergence in Europe Derailed?

wiiw Spring Seminars

25  March 2011    9:00 am

The Ways Out of the Crisis: Are They Sustainable?

wiiw Spring Seminars

19  March 2010    9:00 am

A New Growth Model After the Crisis?

wiiw Spring Seminars

27  March 2009    9:00 am

Fragile Europe: the Path in and out of the Crisis - What Is to be Done?

wiiw Spring Seminars

28  March 2008    9:00 am

Growth in Central, East and Southeast Europe: Tensions and Further Potential

wiiw Spring Seminars