Global Economy Lectures

These annual lectures are designed to present issues of global economic development by eminent international economists to a wider public. Organized in cooperation with the Oesterreichische Nationalbank.

28  November 2016    4:00 pm

How should Europe meet the duty of rescue towards the displaced and the poor?

Paul Collier, Oxford University & Oxford and London School of Economics

Global Economy Lectures

16  November 2015    4:00 pm

Globalization and the art of designing policy

Kaushik Basu, Chief Economist and Senior Vice President World Bank

Global Economy Lectures

01  December 2014    4:00 pm

Monetary Policy and International Capital Flows

Hélène Rey, London Business School

Global Economy Lectures

10  October 2013    4:00 pm

Multinational firms, Intellectual property and taxation

Rachel Griffith, President of the European Economic Association and Research Director, Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)

Global Economy Lectures

22  October 2012    4:00 pm

Trade-Induced Technical Change? The Impact of Chinese Imports on Innovation, IT and Productivity

JOHN VAN REENEN, Director, Centre for Economic Performance, The London School of Economics and Political Science

Global Economy Lectures

14  November 2011    4:00 pm

21st Century Regionalism: Filling the Gap between 21st Century Trade and 20th Century Trade Rules

Richard Baldwin, The Graduate Institute, Geneva, and CEPR, London

Global Economy Lectures

01  December 2010    4:00 pm

Monetary Policy in Difficult Times: Lessons and Challenges from the European Central Bank Experience

Lucrezia Reichlin, London Business School

Global Economy Lectures

07  May 2009    4:00 pm

The Global Distribution of Income: Past Trends and Future Prospects

Tony Atkinson, Nuffield College, Oxford

Global Economy Lectures

17  April 2008    4:00 pm

China’s Main Challenges and Its Janus-faced Boom

Yu Yongding, Institute of World Economics and Politics, CASS

Global Economy Lectures

10  October 2007    4:00 pm

Solving the IMF's Existential Crisis

Barry Eichengreen, University of California, Berkeley

Global Economy Lectures

08  February 2007    4:30 pm

Globalization and its Impact on Labour

Robert C. Feenstra, University of California at Davis

Global Economy Lectures

05  April 2005    4:00 pm

China's Economic Growth and the Global Economy: Structural Obstacles to Policymaking and Exchange Rate Adjustment

Wing Thye Woo, University of California at Davis

Global Economy Lectures

26  April 2004    5:00 pm

The Globalization Debate: Rhetoric versus Reality

James R. Markusen, University of Colorado

Global Economy Lectures

26  February 2004    5:00 pm

Globalization and Market Structure

Peter Neary, University College Dublin

Global Economy Lectures

24  April 2003    5:00 pm

Miracles and Debacles: Do Free-Trade Skeptics Have a Case?

Arvind Panagariya, University of Maryland

Global Economy Lectures

27  June 2002    5:00 pm

WTO Under Fire: Is Dispute Settlement Destroying the WTO?

Robert Z. Lawrence, Harvard University

Global Economy Lectures

21  February 2001    5:00 pm

Is Integration into the World Economy a Substitute for a Development Strategy?

Dani Rodrik, Harvard University

Global Economy Lectures

19  September 2000    5:00 pm

Trade Policy as Development Policy. The Lessons of Fifty Years

L. Alan Winters, University of Sussex

Global Economy Lectures

17  April 2000    5:00 pm

Productivity of Nations

Elhanan Helpman, Harvard University and Tel-Aviv University

Global Economy Lectures

27  March 2000    5:00 pm

The New International Financial Architecture and the IMF

Charles Wyplosz, The Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva

Global Economy Lectures

27  January 1999    5:00 pm

Global development patterns and international financial crisis

Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director, Center for International Development at Harvard University (CID), Director, Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID), Galen L. Stone Professor of International Trade, Harvard University

Global Economy Lectures