wiiw Spring Seminar 2018 (by invitation only)

12  April 2018    9:00 am CEST

Central, East and Southeast Europe: Stock-Taking and Outlook 30 Years of Change – 45 Years of wiiw


Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Otto Wagner Platz 3, 1090 Vienna, Kassensaal.


Keynote speakers:
Ivan Krastev, Chairman, Centre for Liberal Strategies; Permanent Fellow at the IWM
Jan Svejnar, Director, Center on Global Economic Governance, Columbia University

Experts of wiiw:
Richard Grieveson: Economic Prospects for CESEE
Mario Holzner: Western Balkan Accession Perspectives
Julia Grübler: China’s Outreach to CESEE
Roman Stöllinger: Change in Functional Specialisation Patterns: Key to Escaping the Semi-Periphery Trap

The seminar will conclude with a panel discussion.