European Energy Security: Summary Findings and Policy Implications

Vasily Astrov, Andreas Breitenfellner, Edward Christie, Peter Havlik and Gerhard Mangott

presented at: European Energy Security (03 May 2010)

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The role of Caspian and Middle Eastern gas for the EU's energy security
by Gerhard Mangott, University of Innsbruck
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The current state and prospects of the Russian energy sector
by Vasily Astrov, wiiw
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Natural Gas Demand in the EU and in Russia
by Edward Christie, wiiw
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Energy Security and Russian Economic and Integration Prospects
by Peter Havlik, wiiw
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Energy and the Macroeconomy - Insights from ECB and OeNB Studies
by Andreas Breitenfellner, Oesterreichische Nationalbank


Countries covered: European Union, Russia

Research Areas: Sectoral studies