Hans Peter Lankes

Senior Research Associate

email: wiiw@wiiw.ac.at

Hans Peter Lankes is Senior Research Associate at wiiw. Mr. Lankes is a Visiting Professor in Practice at the LSE Grantham Institute and a Senior Fellow at the LSE/Oxford International Growth Centre. He is also a member of the G20 Panel on the capital adequacy of the Multilateral Development Banks, and an Advisor to DFIs and impact funds. His research focuses on climate finance, development economics and sustainable growth. Until 1/2021, Hans Peter was the Vice President, Economics and Private Sector Development at the IFC/World Bank Group, and previously Managing Director for Corporate Strategy at the EBRD. Earlier in his career, he worked as a Division Chief at the International Monetary Fund and had roles at the Central American Business School, Nicaragua’s Ministry of Economy and the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce. Hans Peter obtained his PhD from Harvard University and degrees from Harvard Kennedy School, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg and Université de Grenoble. Recent publications at LSE/Grantham Institute include Shaping an Equitable, Inclusive and Sustainable Recovery (World Economic Forum, 2021; with Nicholas Stern) and Blended Finance for Climate and Nature Investments (One Planet Labs, 2021; issued at COP26).

Austria, Vienna