Monthly Report No. 12/2016


Vasily Astrov, Rumen Dobrinsky, Julia Grübler and Leon Podkaminer

wiiw Monthly Report No. 12, December 2016
45 pages including 2 Table and 5 Figures

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  • Graph of the month: Gross domestic product per capita at purchasing power parities, 2015 (p. 1)
  • Opinion corner: What has triggered the current political turbulence in Bulgaria and will that have economic consequences? (by Rumen Dobrinsky; pp. 2-3)
  • Policy dilemmas for the Russian economy (by Vasily Astrov; pp. 4-8)
  • The role of price sensitivity in evaluating the effects of trade policy instruments (by Julia Grübler; pp. 9-14)
  • Inflation and unit labour costs in Central and East European EU Member States (by Leon Podkaminer; pp. 15-20)
  • Recommended reading (p. 21)
  • Statistical Annex: Monthly and quarterly statistics for Central, East and Southeast Europe (pp. 22-43)


Reference to wiiw databases: wiiw Annual Database, wiiw Monthly Database

Keywords: GDP at PPP, convergence, Bulgaria, elections, Russia, economic policy, Putin, price sensitivity, effects of trade policy instruments, inflation, unit labour costs, CEE

Countries covered: Bulgaria, CEE, China, European Union, Russia, The World , Wider Europe

Research Areas: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy, Labour, Migration and Income Distribution, International Trade, Competitiveness and FDI