Monthly Report No. 7/2005


Vladimir Gligorov, Zdenek Lukas and Julia Wörz

wiiw Monthly Report No. 7, July 2005

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  • The land market in the new EU member states (by Zdenek Lukas)
    Countries covered: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia
    Topics: Agriculture and Food Industry
  • One year of EU enlargement: trade prospects from the Austrian perspective (by Julia Wörz)
    Countries covered: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Cyprus, Austria
    Topics: International Trade and Competitiveness
  • Notes on politics in a disenchanted world: on the centenary of 'The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism' (by Vladimir Gligorov)
    Countries covered: non-specific
    Topics: Other
  • Selected monthly data on the economic situation in ten transition countries, 2004-2005
    Countries covered: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine
  • Guide to wiiw statistical services on Central, East and Southeast Europe, Russia and Ukraine


Reference to wiiw databases: wiiw Monthly Database

Countries covered: Austria, Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, New EU Member States, non specific, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Baltic States, Visegrad countries

Research Areas: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy, International Trade, Competitiveness and FDI, Sectoral studies