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Whither growth in central and eastern Europe?

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Monthly Report No. 8-9/2010

Martin Feldkircher, Mario Holzner, R. Martin, Kazimierz Poznanski, Julia Wörz and Vasyl Yurchyshyn
wiiw Monthly Report No. 8-9, September 2010
36 pages including 10 Tables and 7 Figures



Will Exports Prevail over Austerity?

Vasily Astrov, Vladimir Gligorov, Peter Havlik, Mario Holzner, Gabor Hunya, Kazimierz Laski, Sebastian Leitner, Zdenek Lukas, Anton Mihailov, Olga Pindyuk, Leon Podkaminer, Josef Pöschl, Sandor Richter, Waltraut Urban and Hermine Vidovic
wiiw Current Analyses and Forecasts No. 6, July 2010
164 pages including 30 Tables and 33 Figures


Economic Inequality in Central, East and Southeast Europe

Mario Holzner and Sebastian Leitner
wiiw Balkan Observatory Working Paper No. 74, February 2008