Study: Design and prototype for the input-output based suite underpinning spillover under the MIP

Client/Funding Institution

European Commission, DG Economic and Financial Affairs


This study helped ECFIN B1 to prepare the ground for updating and improving the analytical framework for MIP spillover assessment required by Regulation (EU) 1176/2011 Art 5(2). Ecfin seeked to develop and implement a "future spillover tool" in 2023, a novel input-output tool capable of nowcasting value-added exposures in sync with Ecfin forecasts and allowing extensions to answer policy-driven research questions. Ecfin-B1 aimed to acquire the elements for such a tool through a competitive process.


November 2022 - February 2023

wiiw team Leader

Robert Stehrer

wiiw Staff

Magdalena Höllhuber, Oliver Reiter, Alireza Sabouniha, Robert Stehrer

Keywords: prototyp for input-output, MIP, spillover assessment

Countries covered: EU

Research Areas: International Trade, Competitiveness and FDI