Oliver Reiter

Research Assistant

e-Mail: reiter@wiiw.ac.at
telephone: (+43-1) 533 66 10-36

Oliver Reiter is Research Assistant at wiiw. His research focuses on international trade and on the creation/update of a multi-region input-output database (WIOD). He holds a Master's degree in Economics and a Bachelor's degree in Statistics, both from the University of Vienna. Currently, he is studying Scientific Computing at the University of Vienna, Department of Computer Science.

Code repository on Gitlab | Code repository on Github

Austria, Vienna

List of Publications

wiiw Publications

wiiw Publications

wiiw Forecast Reports
  • 'The impact of Brexit on GDP in the CESEE countries via trade links' (with Robert Stehrer), Labour Shortages Driving Economic Growth?, No. Autumn 2016, Vienna, November 2016, pp. 24-28
wiiw Monthly Reports
  • 'Trade effects of EU integration arrangements in the Western Balkan countries', Monthly Report No. 12/2017, No. 12, Vienna, December 2017, pp. 5-8
  • 'Aggregating import tariff rates: a review of methodological approaches', Monthly Report No. 4/2017, No. 4, Vienna, April 2017, pp. 7-11
  • 'Rising popularity of non-tariff measures', Monthly Report No. 6/2016, No. 6, Vienna, June 2016, pp. 9-12
  • 'The input-output table as a network', Monthly Report No. 1/2015, No. 1, Vienna, January 2015, pp. 14-18
wiiw Research Reports
  • 'The Evolution of Non-Tariff Measures and their Diverse Effects on Trade' (with Mahdi Ghodsi, Julia Grübler and Robert Stehrer), wiiw Research Report, No. 419, Vienna, May 2017