Developing Efficient Activation Approaches and Identifying Elements for Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans


Vladimir Gligorov, Renate Haupfleisch, Mario Holzner, Katja Korolkova, Monika Natter and Hermine Vidovic

wiiw Research Report No. 374, October 2011
197 pages including 33 Tables and 20 Figures

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The main objectives of this study are the assessment of activation policies in the Western Balkan countries in the light of the EU policy frameworks and the capacity and effectiveness of the Public Employment Services (PES) to implement modern labour market services. The general strategy of the research is to examine the existing activation policies against the background of labour market developments in the Western Balkan countries. In a further step the study identifies opportunities for regional cooperation among the individual countries of the region.


Keywords: labour market, activation policies, public employment services, economic crisis, regional cooperation

JEL classification: C53, E24, J21, J64, J65, J68

Countries covered: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia

Research Areas: Labour, Migration and Income Distribution, Regional Development