FREE ENTRY: RECET History and Social Sciences Festival "Transformations of (In)Equality"

24  May 2023    2:30 pm CEST

RECET History and Social Sciences Festival - wiiw is part of the RECET joint research network

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Campus of the University of Vienna („Altes AKH“), festival tent in Hof 1


Wednesday, 24 May, 2023 14:30 - 26 May, 20:30 CEST

Free entrance, pre-registration is required only for those who wish to participate via ZOOM broadcast.

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Social and economic transformations bring questions of equality and inequality to the fore. In times of crisis, equality and social cohesion come under strain. Transformation of East Europe after 1989, the 2008 global financial crisis, and most recently the Covid-19 pandemic, the climate crisis, and the energy and inflation crisis caused by the Russian war in Ukraine have all produced rising inequality. The question how to overcome the resulting deep social divisions has placed equality, which after the collapse of state socialism seemingly lost relevance, back on the agenda. But does the traditional national welfare state have relevant answers to a phenomenon with global causes and implications?

After discussing “Transformations of Freedom” last year, this second RECET History and Social Science Festival will focus on the second key term of the French Revolution. High-profile voices from academia, civil society, the arts and culture will discuss the multiple dimensions of and contestations surrounding (in)equality, and its many transformations over the past years and decades. These lectures, debates, and panel discussions will be accompanied by an attractive cultural program. Everyone is welcome to join in the open festival tent on the university campus!

Wednesday, 24 May

14:30-15:00 Opening 
Philipp Ther (RECET), Jannis Panagiotidis (RECET), Gerald Moers (Vice Dean of the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies, University of Vienna)

15:00-16:30: Transformation and (In)Equality
Roundtable discussion with RECET scholars Magdalena Baran-Szołtys, Anna Calori, Thuc Linh Nguyen Vu & Sheng Peng. Moderation: Frank Bösch (ZZF Potsdam)

17:00-18:30: Inequalities of Rentier Capitalism: The Commons as the Future
Keynote lecture by Guy Standing (SOAS, University of London). Moderation: Rosamund Johnston (RECET)

Followed by a brief welcoming note from University Rector Sebastian Schütze and a public reception with music by Andrei Prozorov.

Thursday, 25 May

13:00-14:30: Digital Technologies in China: Towards a More Just and Equal Society?
Lecture by Genia Kostka (FU Berlin). Moderation: Claudia Kraft (RECET)

15:00-16:45:  (In)Equality and the Climate Emergency. Transforming Activism, Politics, and Visions of the Future
Roundtable discussion with Eva Horn (University of Vienna), Sina Kamala Kaufmann (writer, Berlin), Melinda Martinus (Yusof Ishak Institute, Singapore), Agnes Zauner (Global 2000 – Friends of the Earth Austria). Moderation: Lukas Becht (RECET)

17.00-18.30: Transformation, Inequality, Redistribution: Which Future for Social Cohesion?
Debate with Dorothee Bohle (University of Vienna), Robert Misik (Journalist, Vienna) and Philipp Ther (RECET). Moderation: Jannis Panagiotidis (RECET)
The event will take place in German

Friday, 26 May

14:00-15:30:  Inequality in (Higher) Education
Roundtable discussion with Karl-Heinz Gruber (University of Vienna), Julia Heinemann (University of Vienna/Unterbau Uni Wien), Amy Littleton (Referat Working Class Students, University of Vienna) and Michael Wild (teacher, Vienna). Moderation: Martin Gumiela (RECET)
The event will take place in German

15.45-17.15: Inequality and Precarity in the Gig Economy
Roundtable discussion with Christian Berger (Arbeiterkammer), Johanna Neuhauser (University of Vienna) and Adele Siegl (Riders collective). Moderation: Goran Music (University of Vienna)
The event will take place in German

17:30-19:00: Re/Writing In/Equalities: About Poverty and Wealth
Literature reading and discussion with Barbi Marković (writer, Austria) and Dorota Masłowska (writer, Poland, online). Markus Meyer (actor, Burgtheater Vienna) reads texts by Édouard Louis (writer, France). In cooperation with Burgtheater. Moderation: Magdalena Baran-Szołtys (RECET)

No prior registration required for on site participation. 

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