Monthly Report 10/2002


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wiiw Monthly Report No. 10,

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  • Bulgaria: steady growth (by Anton Mihailov)
    Countries covered: Bulgaria
  • Croatia: trade deficit high again (by Hermine Vidovic)
    Countries covered: Croatia
  • Czech Republic: after the flood (by Josef Pöschl)
    Countries covered: Czech Republic
  • Hungary: growth driven by domestic demand (by Sandor Richter)
    Countries covered: Hungary
  • Macedonia: landmark elections (by Vladimir Gligorov)
    Countries covered: Macedonia
  • Poland: changes in fiscal policy may make a difference (by Leon Podkaminer)
    Countries covered: Poland
  • Romania: export-led growth (by Gabor Hunya)
    Countries covered: Romania
  • Russia: mixed results in 2002 (by Peter Havlik)
    Countries covered: Russia
  • Slovakia: election encourages GDP growth (by Z. Lukas)
    Countries covered: Slovakia
  • Slovenia: record FDI inflow (by Hermine Vidovic)
    Countries covered: Slovenia
  • Ukraine: budget and inflation targets jeopardized (by Helen Boss)
    Countries covered: Ukraine
  • Yugoslavia: making up its mind (by Vladimir Gligorov)
    Countries covered: Yugoslavia
  • Selected monthly data on the economic situation in ten transition countries, 2001 to 2002


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Countries covered: Bulgaria, Visegrad countries, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Ukraine, SEE

Research Areas: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy, International Trade, Competitiveness and FDI