Monthly Report No. 12/2019


Alexandra Bykova, Mahdi Ghodsi, Philipp Heimberger and Stefan Jestl

wiiw Monthly Report No. 12, December 2019
44 pages including 27 Figures

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  • Chart of the month: Gender gap in digital skills in European countries
    by Alexandra Bykova
  • Opinion Corner: Iran-US negotiations are now likelier than before
    by Mahdi Ghodsi
    Iran’s new readiness to negotiate with the US is partly due to the recent social unrest – an indirect consequence of the US sanctions. Ahead of possible negotiations, it has resumed some nuclear activities beyond the limitations of the JCPOA deal in order to improve its bargaining chips. A new deal between Iran and the US may ultimately benefit the political careers of both Hassan Rouhani and Donald Trump.
  • Globalisation and inequality: more than just a spurious correlation?
    by Stefan Jestl
    In recent years, globalisation has been under attack. Even though it has brought with it a boost in economic development globally since the 1980s, it is increasingly blamed for contributing to widening income inequality, in particular within advanced economies.
  • Italy's crisis: the fault line of the euro area
    by Philipp Heimberger
    Italy has been spared the initiation of an excessive deficit procedure due to the violation of EU budget rules for the time being. However, it is to be expected that the dispute between the Italian authorities and the European Commission over Italy’s fiscal policy will enter a new round in the foreseeable future against the background of Italy's on-going economic malaise – with great significance for the rest of the euro area.
  • Monthly and quarterly statistics for Central, East and Southeast Europe


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Keywords: digital skills, gender gap, nuclear programme, economic sanctions, JCPOA, globalisation, wage inequality, Gini coefficient, fiscal policy, public debt, optimal currency area

Countries covered: China, European Union, Iran, Italy, USA, Wider Europe, Euro Area

Research Areas: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy, Labour, Migration and Income Distribution