Analysis of value chains in the Western Balkans economies - Enriching potential for regional cooperation in priority areas

Client/Funding Institution

Joint Research Centre (JRC)


The overall objective of this project was to provide guidance, methodological support and capacity building in smart specialisation processes in the Western Balkans economies. One goal of the support to smart specialisation in the region was to identify promising industrial areas (domains) for the Western Balkan economies with higher value-added as well as to analyse and identify possibilities for wider cooperation in the South-East Europe in these identified areas. The analysis of value chains in the Western Balkans (WB) was expected to deliver an advanced contextual overview of the competitive position of the present and potential smart specialisation priority domains, and to identify opportunities for upgrading the position of the whole region and individual economies in European and global value chains; finding new market niches and areas of economic cooperation.


January 2021 - May 2021

wiiw team Leader

Robert Stehrer

wiiw Staff

Beata Borosak, Birgit Buschbom, Mahdi Ghodsi, Richard Grieveson, Doris Hanzl-Weiss, Branimir Jovanović, Oliver Reiter, David Zenz

Project Partners

Institute of Economic Sciences (Belgrad) and Economica (Vienna)

Keywords: Value chains, smart specialisation, competitiveness, capacity building

Countries covered: Southeast Europe, Western Balkans

Research Areas: International Trade, Competitiveness and FDI, Regional Development