The use of Cohesion Policy funds to support refugees from Ukraine

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European Parliament


This research study aims to assess the use of Cohesion Policy funds and instruments to support refugees from Ukraine in the context of the Cohesion’s Action for Refugees in Europe (also known as CARE). Building on an analysis of the inflow and needs of refugees arriving in the EU from Ukraine, the study reviews the EU response(s) to the migratory crisis and the actions taken by EU countries, regions and cities to assist those refugees. In that regard, individual case studies on six European NUTS-2 regions are carried out to shed light on the challenges faced and resources mobilised by regional authorities to help refugees settle and integrate into local communities and labour markets. The findings of these analytical tasks should feed into policy recommendations on the design and purpose of the EU Cohesion Policy, as its role as crisis response tool could place it at odds with its long-term goal of promoting convergence.


December 2022 - May 2023

wiiw team Leader

Ambre Maucorps

wiiw Staff

Chiara Castelli, Fruzsina Herbert, Veronika Janyrova, Olga Pindyuk, Roman Römisch, Maryna Tverdostup, Zuzana Zavarská

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The use of Cohesion Policy funds to support refugees from Ukraine

Countries covered: EU

Research Areas: Regional Development