Webinar: wiiw Spring Forecast 2019 - Moving into the slow lane

27  March 2019    4:00 pm

Presentation of the latest growth forecast for Central, East and Southeast Europe.


Attention - online particpation only - please do not visit the institute for this event!
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To join the webinar, just follow this link at the announced time: https://go.myownconference.com/x/Z2s14847F69

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The main questions addressed will include:

  • Have we passed the peak in terms of growth in CESEE?
  • What are the implication for CESEE of weaker global growth, the slowdown in Germany, US-China trade war and risks of a hard Brexit?
  • Will labour shortages in the region get worse, and what does this mean for growth?
  • Why is inflation so low, and will it rise in the coming years?
  • Will increased authoritarianism and reductions in institutional quality and independence have economic implications?
  • How well is CESEE prepared for the new digital economy and automation?
  • What are the main risks to growth in CESEE over the medium term?

The presentation will be in English.
Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Presenter: Richard Grieveson

Moderator: Mario Holzner (TBC)

Richard Grieveson is an Economist at wiiw. His research focus includes Turkey and the Balkans, CESEE country analysis and forecasting, migration, economic history, and sovereign risk.

Mario Holzner is Deputy Director of wiiw. His research focuses on macroeconomic analysis, financial markets and income distribution and inequality.