wiiw Structural Report 2003 on Central and Eastern Europe, Volume 2


Gabor Hunya, Mark S. Knell, Roman Römisch and Hermine Vidovic

wiiw Structural Report Vol. 2, October 2003

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1Labour Market TrendsHermine Vidovic Free Download
2Regional GDP and Regional UnemploymentRoman Römisch Free Download
3Structural Development of Manufacturing FDIGabor Hunya Free Download
4Technological ActivityMark S. Knell Free Download

Labour Market Trends (by Hermine Vidovic)

Structural Development of Manufacturing FDI (by Gábor Hunya)

Technological Activity (by Mark Knell)

Regional GDP and Regional Unemployment (by Roman Römisch)


Keywords: employment, unemployment, services sector, foreign direct investment, competitiveness, CEECs, manufacturing, economic policy, EU enlargement, technology, R&D, innovation system, transition economics

JEL classification: J10, J21, L80, D200, L500, L600, F200, F400, O3, O4, O52, P2, P3