Europe under construction - Lessons from the Euro crisis: The next 5 years

11  June 2019    5:00 pm CEST

Conference Series “Austria, France and the Future of the Europe”

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Austrian National Bank, Otto-Wagner-Platz 3, 1090 Wien


A multitude of challenges will face the European Union in the next five years following 
the election of the European Parliament. Later this year the leadership of the European 
Commission, the European Council as well as the ECB will also change.  
Our  series  of  conferences  will  start  with  the  economic  governance  of  the  European 
Union.  The  architecture  of  the  Eurozone  has  undergone  far-reaching  changes  in 
response to the sovereign debt crisis, but it remains work in progress. 
Will lessons learned from the Euro crisis lead to a consensus on taking the remaining 
steps to shield the Eurozone from future crises? Which are the most important issues to 
be addressed? How will this impact on economic and social cohesion in the European 
Union  as  a  whole?  These  are  some  of  the  topics  which  the  panel  will  discuss  as  a 
contribution to the ongoing debate. 

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