Measuring and Classifying Determinants of Offshoring Jobs

08  November 2012    4:00 pm CET

Tobias Brändle (with Andreas Koch), IAW Tübingen

In cooperation with:


wiiw, Rahlgasse 3, 1060 Vienna, lecture hall (entrance from the ground floor)


We analyze trade in tasks using the German Qualifications and Career Survey. We differentiate between outsourcing potential and offshoring potential and systematically use a large number of potential determinants of organizational and spatial task relocation so far employed in the literature. Applying multivariate analysis, we are able to compute two indicators explaining the offshoring potential of an employee according to the tasks performed. Our results show that there is significant variation between the two dimensions across tasks, occupations and industries. We apply our results to analyse the effects of outsourcing potential and offshoring potential on individual income. Furthermore, our computed indicators can be used in further analyses regarding trade in tasks.