Webinar: wiiw Spring Forecast 2018

13  March 2018    4:00 pm CET

Presentation of wiiw's latest growth forecast for 22 countries of Central, East and Southeast Europe.


You can participate from everywhere in the world via computer or smartphone. Please do not visit the institute for this event!
We kindly ask you to register for the webinar.


To join the webinar, just follow this link at the announced time: https://go.myownconference.com/x/Z2s14847F69

The following questions will be addressed during the webinar:

  • How much longer will the coordinated upswing across much of the global economy continue, and to what extent will CESEE continue to benefit from this?
  • What are the medium-term drivers of growth in the region?
  • How great are the risks of overheating in parts of CESEE?
  • Can Russia and the CIS escape from their low growth trajectory?
  • What are the major global and regional risks facing the region in the next three years, how likely are they to materialise, and what will their impacts be?
  • Is there a risk of a formal east-west split within the EU, and what would this mean for growth in the region?
  • What are the implications of tighter labour markets and higher wages in CESEE for migration flows within and from the region?
  • Has CESEE hit the limits of its current growth model? Is the region condemned to a permanent “semi-periphery trap”?

Presenter: Richard Grieveson
Moderator: Mario Holzner

Richard Grieveson is an Economist at wiiw. His research focus includes Turkey and the Balkans, CESEE country analysis and forecasting, migration, economic history, and sovereign risk.

Mario Holzner is Deputy Director of wiiw and coordinator of the wiiw country analysis team. His research focuses on macroeconomic analysis, financial markets and income distribution and inequality.