Western Balkan Regional Cooperation

Client/Funding Institution

Bertelsmann Stiftung


Regional cooperation has been the main instrument of EU intervention in the post-conflict Balkans. The overall goal of this policy has been to increase economic and social connectivity in order to achieve political stability and enhance security, as a precondition for EU accession. This process has now lasted for about two decades. Our study aims to clarify the constraints on economic cooperation as an instrument for political normalisation. More specifically, it will provide a comprehensive assessment of regional cooperation in the Western Balkans over the past two decades. It will also assess the possible way forward, with clear steps for how regional cooperation in the Western Balkans could be supported by the EU.


June 2018 - July 2020

wiiw team Leader

Richard Grieveson

wiiw Staff

Mario Holzner, Veronika Janyrova, David Pichler, Monika Schwarzhappel, Goran Vukšić

Countries covered: SEE

Research Areas: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy