An Industrial Renaissance in Europe – Can it happen? Should it happen?

06  June 2014    9:00 am CEST

FIW Workshop


Federation of Austrian Industries (Ludwig Urban-Saal), Schwarzenbergplatz 4, 1031 Wien


There are increasing concerns about the ‘decline’ of manufacturing in large parts of Europe. Many arguments have been put forward why a thriving manufacturing sector is a prerequisite for any economy aiming for high growth and employment rates. For adherents of the view that manufacturing has a pivotal role in the economy the question arises whether some of the trends are reversible. On the other hand there is also the view that manufacturing may not be so different from other parts of the economy and that it does not matter what a country produces but how it produces. The workshop will discuss the trends in manufacturing performance in different parts of Europe, including Germany and Central- and Eastern European Member States. The issue of regional diversification will be tackled exemplified by the Swedish case. Furthermore, the workshop will enter the controversial debate on the role of industrial policy focussing on the ‘Smart Specialisation’ approach and other recent developments. This is followed by some quantitative evidence on the effects of state aid and innovation support in Europe. Prominent international experts on the role of manufacturing and of industrial policy will be amongst the speakers in this workshop.

The workshop is organised by The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) in cooperation with the Federation of Austrian Industries within the Research Center International Economics (FIW). The FIW is a project of the The Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW). It is a collaboration of WIFO, wiiw, WSR and Vienna University of Economics and Business, University of Vienna and Johannes Kepler University Linz.

(Papers and Powerpoint presentations, as far as available, are posted on our homepage after the workshop.)