Niko Korpar


telephone: (+43-1) 533 66 10

Niko Korpar is Economist at wiiw and country expert for Slovenia. His research focuses on international trade and policy, ecological economics, climate change, circular economy as well as on European policy and development. He holds a Bachelor's degree in International Economics from the University of Ljubljana, a Master's degree in Socio-Ecological Economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and a pre-doc position funded by the FIW (Kompetenzzentrum Forschungsschwerpunkt Internationale Wirtschaft).

Austria, Vienna

List of Publications

wiiw Publications

wiiw Publications

wiiw Forecast Reports
  • 'SLOVENIA: Weathering the storm better than expected, but will it last?', No Quick Recovery in Sight, with Coronavirus Risks Looming Large, wiiw Forecast Report, No. Autumn 2020, Vienna, November 2020, pp. 117-120