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Competitiveness of the European Economy

Client: European Investment Bank (EIB)
Duration: June 2014 - February 2015

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The relation between industry and services in terms of productivity and value creation

Client: European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry
Duration: January 2014 - September 2014

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Die Sachgüterproduktion Österreichs: Entwicklung und gesamtwirtschaftliche Bedeutung im internationalen Vergleich

Client: The Chamber of Labour (AK Wien)
Duration: November 2013 - March 2014

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Reducing productivity and efficiency gaps: the role of knowledge assets, absorptive capacity and institutions (Competitiveness Report 2013)

Client: European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry
Duration: November 2012 - June 2013

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Global value chains and growth: impacts and prospects for EU Member States

Client: European Commission, DG Economic and Financial Affairs
Duration: August 2012 - March 2013

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Modelling the effects of free trade agreements between the EU and Canada, USA and Moldova/Georgia/Armenia on the Austrian economy - model simulations for trade policy analysis

Client: Austrian Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth
Duration: January 2012 - August 2012

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Monitoring of sectoral employment

Client: European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
Duration: December 2010 - April 2012

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Study on labour taxation in CEE countries

Client: TPA Horwath
Duration: March 2011 - June 2011

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