Summer Forecast 2022 - Central, East and Southeast Europe

06  July 2022    4:00 pm CEST

What are the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine?


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Ukraine expert Olga Pindyuk presents the new wiiw economic forecast 2022-2024 for 23 countries in Central, East and Southest Europe (CESEE) as well as the most important economic trends.

The focus will be on the following questions:

  • To what extent will Russia’s war in Ukraine cause a lasting increase in energy and food inflation?
  • Which countries in the region will be the most affected by high inflation?
  • How is industry in CESEE being affected by global supply chain disruptions and a decrease in external demand due to the war?
  • Will the services sector benefit from the easing of COVID-19 restrictions?
  • Will rising global interest rates cause a tightening of financial conditions in the region?
  • Are there risks of winter energy rationing in Europe and a global food crisis?


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Presenter: Olga Pindyuk
Moderator: Richard Grieveson

Olga Pindyuk is Economist at wiiw. Her research focuses on foreign trade, in particular trade in services, and financial markets. She is also country expert for Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Richard Grieveson, is Economist and Deputy Director at wiiw. His research focus includes Turkey and the Balkans, CESEE country analysis and forecasting, migration, economic history, and sovereign risk.

The presentation will be in English in the form of a webinar via Demio.
Participants are encouraged to attend the O&A session. A press release, presentation documents and the wiiw forecast report will be made available.


Olga Pindyuk, Economist,

Richard Grieveson, Deputy Director,

Keywords: Russia, Ukraine, Western Balkans, EU, inflation, energy