Wage developments in the Western Balkans, Moldova and Ukraine

Client/Funding Institution

Austrian Chamber of Labour


The objective of this study is to analyse wage developments in six Western Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia), Moldova and Ukraine - a region that is of particular importance for Austria. The still difficult labour market situation in this region is insofar astonishing, as it experienced a massive emigration over the past years and is characterized by a demographic decline. The central question therefore is why the unemployment in this peripheral part of Europe is so persistent and how this relates to the growth of wages and labour productivity. The study will also develop policy conclusions that might help to positively stimulate economic development in the region and to provide its citizens with a long term perspective.


January 2019 - July 2019

wiiw team Leader

Vasily Astrov

wiiw Staff

Veronika Janyrova, Sebastian Leitner, Isilda Mara, Leon Podkaminer, Hermine Vidovic


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Countries covered: SEE

Research Areas: Labour, Migration and Income Distribution