Automation Meets the Demographic Challenge

23  January 2024    4:00 pm CET

with Klaus Prettner (University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna), Vegard Skirbekk (Columbia University/ Norwegian Institute of Public Health)

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Webinar via Zoom - Please register at the link below


In this workshop as part of the Horizon Europe project UNTANGLED results on ongoing research on demographic trends and underlying forces are presented. These demographic challenges are related to technological developments with respect to employment and labour market implications.

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Vegard Skirbekk is a Professor at Columbia Aging Center, Columbia University and a Senior Researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. His research focuses on understanding the links between aging, health and individuals productivity in countries undergoing demographic change around the world. He is currently interested in looking at differences across countries in terms of health and cognitive skills and relationships with investments in education and health. He is also interested in comparing variations in life trajectories in health across societies and countries. Skirbekk has published widely in academic journals (Demography, Science and Proceedings of the National Academy of Science) and his research has received attention in global media (e.g., BBC, the New York Times, The Economist, New Scientist). He has received research support from EU funding bodies (including the European Research Council), and research councils from several countries.


Klaus Prettner is a Professor of Macroeconomics and Digitalization at the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna. 

Maryna Tverdostup (Moderator) is an Economist at wiiw and a country expert for Estonia.

Robert Stehrer (Moderator) is Scientific Director at wiiw.

Keywords: Labour market, Employment, Technological Developments