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27  May 2021    10:00 am CEST

Getting stronger after COVID-19?

Nearshoring potentials in the Western Balkans

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18  February 2021    10:00 am CET

13th FIW-Research Conference 'International Economics'

Online two-day conference, organised by the Research Centre International Economics (FIW)

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09  July 2020    10:00 am CEST

Workshop on Migration and Human Capital in Serbia and in the Western Balkans, ETF and wiiw

The objective is to present and discuss the preliminary results of a pilot country study for Serbia with participants from academia, public institutions, civil society and researchers.

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05  December 2019    9:00 am CET

12th FIW Research Conference 'International Economics'

Yearly two-day conference, organised by the Research Centre International Economics (FIW)

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09  October 2017    5:00 pm CEST

Indices of Regional Economic Activity for Russia

Sergey V. Smirnov, Higher School of Economics, ‘Development Center’ Institute, Moscow

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15  May 2017    11:00 am CEST

Academic Conference 'Towards the Vision of a Common Economic Space from Vancouver to Vladivostok: Connectivity, Trade and Economic Cooperation'

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25  April 2017    11:00 am CEST

Escaping the escape - Europe and the refugee crisis

In cooperation with Bertelsmann-Stiftung.

Panel discussion and reception

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21  December 2016    4:00 pm CET

The Belarus Economy: The Challenges of Stalled Reforms

The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) and the Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Center (BEROC) will present the results of a study in Minsk, Belarus

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15  December 2016    4:00 pm CET

Academic Workshop: Connectivity in Central Asia

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01  December 2016    8:30 am CET

9th FIW Research Conference ‘International Economics’

two-day conference on international economics

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24  November 2016    4:30 pm CET

EMU Forum 2016 – Completing Economic and Monetary Union

The EMU Forum 2016 brings together academics, experts and policy makers to debate about the political economy of the euro area.

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02  June 2015    9:30 am CEST

How can development banks best support growth in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe?

wiiw and IFI's at Bruegel

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15  April 2015    12:00 pm CEST

How to Help Ukraine’s Economy Reform and Grow: A Test Case for the European Union

Panel discussion in Brussels

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