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15  May 2009    1:30 pm

The Perplexing Aspects of a Truly Global Financial Crisis

Adam S. Posen, Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington DC

wiiw Seminar Series, 'Crisis Management in Central, East and Southeast Europe: What is to be done?' read more

07  May 2009    4:00 pm

The Global Distribution of Income: Past Trends and Future Prospects

Tony Atkinson, Nuffield College, Oxford

Global Economy Lectures read more

27  March 2009    9:00 am

Fragile Europe: the Path in and out of the Crisis - What Is to be Done?

wiiw Spring Seminars read more

26  March 2009    7:00 pm

The Financial Crisis in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe: What Is to be Done?

wiiw Public Panel Discussion read more

22  January 2009    4:00 pm

The Czech Republic and the Euro: Faster or Slower?

Vladimír Dlouhý, Goldman Sachs

Integration in a Wider Europe read more

15  January 2009    1:30 pm

Transition Report 2008: 'Growth in Transition'

Simon Commander, EBRD

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21  November 2008    11:00 am

FDI and Financial Liberalization in Transition Economies and Latin America

Yuko Kinoshita, International Monetary Fund

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27  October 2008    7:00 pm

Global Warming and the Limits to Growth

Barbara Bergmann, Professor Emerita of Economics, University of Maryland and American University

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16  October 2008    4:00 pm

Varietas delectat? On the Typology of Nascent Capitalism in Eastern Europe

János M. Kovács, IWM

Integration in a Wider Europe read more

30  September 2008    4:00 pm

The Financial Stability Implications of Capital Flows to Emerging Markets: Focus on Emerging Europe

Dubravko Mihaljek, BIS

Integration in a Wider Europe read more