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29  November 2021    3:00 pm CET

A new growth model for EU-CEE

Avoiding a trap and embracing the megatrends

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23  November 2021    11:00 am CET

Pandemics and Inequality: From the Black Death to the Spanish Flue (and Beyond)

JVI - Open Lecture; Presenter: Guido Alfani, Bocconi University

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22  November 2021    1:00 pm CET

Conference on European Economic Integration (CEEI) 2021

Recalibrating tomorrow's global value chains – prospects for CESEE.

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15  November 2021    6:30 pm CET

Thirty Years On: Is There Still a Post-Soviet Space?

Public panel discussion on the prospects for future relations between the EU and its neighbours to the East

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04  November 2021    3:00 pm CET

Climate Change and Internal Migration: Evidence from Global Census Data (Webinar)

In cooperation with Research Centre International Economics (FIW) and European University Institute (EUI).

Roman Hoffmann, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Austria)

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03  November 2021    4:00 pm CET

Global Economy Lecture: Viewing the future from the population-consumption-environment nexus (Webinar)

In cooperation with Oesterreichische Nationalbank.

Sir Partha Dasgupta, Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge

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29  October 2021    1:50 pm CEST

Workshop on International Economic Networks (Webinar)

In cooperation with University of Vienna, Vienna Graduate School of Economics (VGSE), Research Centre International Economics (FIW), European Research Council (ERC) and Heinrich Graf Hardegg'sche Stiftung.

Leading researchers in International Economics cover state-of-the-art research in a two days workshop

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20  October 2021    4:00 pm CEST

wiiw Autumn Economic Forecast for Eastern Europe

The latest economic forecasts for 2021-2023

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20  October 2021    10:00 am CEST

Online-Pressekonferenz Herbstprognose Osteuropa

Die aktuelle Wirtschaftsprognose 2021-2023

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15  October 2021    9:30 am CEST

A new growth model for CEE countries - how to boost productivity and living standards?

In cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Warschau and Polski Instytut Ekonomiczny .

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