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27  April 2020    11:30 am

Webinar: Assessing the 23/4 Council Meeting on the EU recovery plan

Economists from Germany, France, Italy and Austria discussing EU policy responses and proposals

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20  April 2020    11:00 am

Webinar: Eurogroup responses to Covid-19

Panel discussion evaluating EU/EMU policy responses and proposals

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30  March 2020    4:00 pm

[CANCELLED]: Sino-European Economic Co-opetition

Alexander G. Welzl, Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

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26  March 2020    9:00 am

[CANCELLED]: wiiw Spring Seminar 2020

Entering a storm? The economic and political challenges facing Eastern Europe in the 2020s

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19  March 2020    4:00 pm

[CANCELLED]: Industrializing in the Digital Age: Main Findings from UNIDO's Industrial Development Report 2020

Alejandro Lavopa, Department of Policy, Research and Statistics of UNIDO

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18  March 2020    4:00 pm

Webinar: wiiw Spring Forecast 2020 for Central, East and Southeast Europe

Economic consequences of the coronavirus for Eastern Europe: two wiiw scenarios

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17  March 2020    10:00 am

Presse-Webinar zur wiiw-Frühjahrsprognose 2020

Wirtschaftliche Folgen des Coronavirus für Osteuropa: zwei wiiw-Szenarien

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03  March 2020    3:00 pm

The Welfare Magnet Hypothesis Revisited? A Natural Experiment in Austria

Fanny Dellinger, University of Innsbruck

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14  February 2020    7:00 pm

Eine Europäische Seidenstraße – Konzepte, Chancen und Grenzen

Imshäuser Gespräch

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10  February 2020    4:00 pm

Predictability of Financial Crises: The Impact of Fundamental, Policy-induced and Institutional Vulnerabilities on China Compared to other Emerging Markets

In cooperation with Research Centre International Economics (FIW).

Sebastian Petric, RBI and University of Oxford

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