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Eastern Europe standing firm in face of global headwinds - 04 Jul 2019

New wiiw forecast for Central, East and Southeast Europe (CESEE) in 2019-21, with a focus on Austria’s relations with the region read more

Neue wiiw Sommerprognose: Osteuropa trotzt dem globalen Gegenwind - 04 Jul 2019

Videointerview mit Julia Grübler zur neuen wiiw-Prognose für Mittel-, Ost- und Südosteuropa sowie Österreichs Wirtschaftsbeziehungen mit der Region. read more

“A qualified failure” - 25 Jun 2019

Ten years on, the Eastern Partnership has failed to produce significant results according to wiiw expert Peter Havlik. read more

'Output gap nonsense': Understanding the budget conflict between the EC and Italy’s government - 17 Jun 2019

The European Commission’s assessment of the state of the Italian economy lacks macroeconomic plausibility. Fiscal policy recommendations need to change. read more

Honouring promises - 17 Jun 2019

If the EU delays the opening of accession negotiations for Albania and North Macedonia, it will send a terrible signal to the Western Balkans. read more

EU faces a tough demographic reckoning - 12 Jun 2019

By 2030, labour demand will equal labour supply in most of the EU, creating significant challenges for policy-makers and firms. These are the conclusions of a recent study by wiiw. read more

FDI in Central, East and Southeast Europe: mostly robust despite global downturn; shift into services - 06 Jun 2019

New wiiw Report finds the decline of FDI in 2018 being mainly on account of Russia, with inflows to the rest of the region being either flat or increasing. For 2019, a decline of FDI inflows is expected. read more

Faces of convergence - 27 May 2019

15 years on, a new e-book presents personal accounts of the EU’s eastern enlargement. read more

wiiw wins most forecast awards for CESEE countries - 21 May 2019

In total wiiw Economists were awarded 29 awards by Focus Economics across 12 countries in the region. read more

Another strong quarter for EU-CEE GDP growth - 15 May 2019

Most countries have passed their 2017-18 peaks, but Hungary and Romania continue to boom on the back of temporary factors. read more