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EU strategies in the face of BREXIT - 22 Sep 2016

On Sept 19, wiiw Scientific Director Robert Stehrer presented his Business Briefing 'EU strategies in the face of BREXIT' at a roundtable in Vienna. read more

CETA – Boom für die KMUs? - 20 Sep 2016

In the debate on free trade agreements the question of who will benefit frequently arises. This is also the case for CETA. A commentary by Roman Stöllinger (in German) read more

Unexpected results, but probably same coalition - 19 Sep 2016

Early parliamentary elections were held on 11 September in Croatia. Hermine Vidovic discusses the likely outcome of coalition calls. read more

Yes means no: Referendum in the Serbian Republic is not about secession - 14 Sep 2016

The Serbian Republic intends to hold a referendum on whether the 9th of January will become the Day of the Republic. Vladimir Gligorov explains what is behind. read more

CETA and TTIP: same-same but different? - 06 Sep 2016

wiiw Scientific Director Robert Stehrer and economist Roman Stöllinger outline important similarities & differences between two trade deals currently hotly debated. read more

Falling Behind and Catching Up – Southeast Europe - 23 Aug 2016

For more than two years, wiiw economists and researchers from SEE analysed reasons for & ways out of the Balkans’ development trap. The results are on the wiiw Balkan Observatory website. read more

wiiw Reality Check: An economist’s tale - 16 Aug 2016

Michael Landesmann reflects on major structural changes having taken place in CESEE over the past 25 years of transition & shares his view of key developments of the decade to come. read more

wiiw Opinion Corner: Breaking out from the middle-income trap? Not at any price! - 09 Aug 2016

In the last 25 years, Poland – just as most of the other CEE countries – closed a good deal of the income gap with respect to Western Europe. An assessment by Leon Podkaminer read more

13 awards for wiiw forecasts - 02 Aug 2016

wiiw forecasts have been recognized with 13 awards by FocusEconomics’ Forecast Awards 2016 read more

Job Opening - 28 Jul 2016

wiiw is looking for a statistician. read more