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Greece’s adjustment problem - 25 Jun 2015

Keynes knew it was hard for a country to adjust to changing financial circumstances and to correct for its external imbalances. A commentary by Vladimir Gligorov read more

wiiw expert Vasily Astrov comments on the effectiveness of EU sanctions against Russia - 24 Jun 2015

In a video blog, Vasily Astrov argues that EU sanctions had a minor impact on the Russian economy and indirectly fostered nationalism and anti-western sentiments. read more

How can development banks best support growth in CESEE? - 16 Jun 2015

wiiw Scientific Director Michael Landesmann and wiiw Research Associate Rumen Dobrinsky discussed the IFI’s Joint Action Plan for Growth in CESEE at the Brussels Think-Tank Bruegel read more

New wiiw Report on FDI in Central, East and Southeast Europe - 11 Jun 2015

Recovery in the New EU Member States, stagnation in Southeast Europe and decline in the major post-Soviet countries. read more

wiiw Opinion Corner: Slovak and Slovene reservations against the Greek bailout - 08 Jun 2015

wiiw experts Hermine Vidovic and Doris Hanzl-Weiss assess the reasons for the countries’ dissatisfaction with the negotiations between the EU and Greece. What are their concerns? read more

The Ukrainian Crisis: Security Issues and Political-Economic Challenges - 01 Jun 2015

Ukraine faces acute security, political and economic challenges. In this note we draw on experiences gained from transition countries over the past decades and suggest ways to deal with these challenges. read more

Macedonia: It’s about legitimacy - 18 May 2015

Macedonia experiences a typical crisis of legitimacy. It has been long in developing, but has now come to a crunch. If it is not resolved democratically, the stability of the country may be at risk. read more

Europe’s Export Superstars – it’s the Organization! - 13 May 2015

Yesterday, Professor Dalia Marin presented her recent findings on the organizational strategies of European exporting firms at the wiiw-FIW Seminar in International Economics. read more

wiiw Opinion corner: Is the EU Danube Region Strategy helpful? - 05 May 2015

wiiw expert Gabor Hunya assesses the potential of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region to help diminishing the social and economic backwardness in the EU Eastern periphery. read more

wiiw study analyses economic support and reform agenda for Ukraine - 27 Apr 2015

In view of today’s EU-Ukraine summit, wiiw presents the most urgent recommendations to stabilise and reform the Ukrainian economy. read more