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What would Keynes propose for the euro? - 21 Jun 2018

At our 2018 Łaski lecture, Robert Skidelski asked what the great economist would have done to fix the single currency area. A full video of the lecture is now available. read more

Forty-five years of wiiw - 19 Jun 2018

A look at the founding history of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw). read more

FDI in Central, East and Southeast Europe: declines due to disinvestment - 07 Jun 2018

New FDI Report reveals a strong downward turn of FDI inflow into the region. Renationalisation and domestic take-overs reduced FDI, especially in the EU-CEEs. Austrian FDI diminished, while investors' incomes increased. read more

wiiw contributes to major new EU dataset on structural and investment funds - 28 May 2018

The data provide comprehensive regional data for a 28-year period, and will provide an important tool for further policy analysis. read more

wiiw again recognised among leading economic forecasters on CESEE region - 28 May 2018

Four of our economists took a total of 11 awards across five countries in the region. read more

US tariffs on cars: An expensive and dangerous gamble - 25 May 2018

The announced US tariff hike against cars would not only hurt car exporting countries, but many upstream producers as well. read more

Sailing close to the wind - 24 May 2018

The Turkish central bank has hiked rates significantly, but may still need to do more. Political and economic uncertainty will remain high. read more

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ in Trump’s trade policy - 23 May 2018

While merit can be found in questioning unrestricted, free trade, Trump's current policy is unjustified. The ugly rivalry with China over global leadership lies at its heart. read more

wiiw publishes new study on Western Balkan EU accession prospects - 17 May 2018

The 2025 target date is highly ambitious, but the greater focus on solving political issues in the region is a positive step. read more

The EU should stick with the Iran deal - 14 May 2018

The US withdrawal from the JCPOA is a mistake, and will only strengthen the hand of hardliners in Iran. The EU should try to stick with the deal. read more