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wiiw Spring Seminar 2019: What is the new normal for CESEE? - 05 Apr 2019

Demographics, migration, trade, digitalisation and the future of the EU were all high on the agenda at our annual event. read more

Turkey vote: what now? - 02 Apr 2019

The economic challenges facing the government remain significant, and it has a big job to reassure foreign investors. read more

CESEE in 2019-21: Moving into the slow lane - 27 Mar 2019

wiiw has just published its new economic forecasts for 23 economies in Central, East and Southeast Europe (CESEE) read more

Western Balkans Labor Market Trends 2019 - 21 Mar 2019

Western Balkans show improved labor market performance, but challenges remain for women, youth and less educated workers read more

Chinese foreign investment: A dangerous obsession or a new normal? - 18 Mar 2019

The West will have to get used to the rise of China and find ways to cooperate, including in CESEE. read more

Croatian euro accession: still some way to go - 25 Feb 2019

Despite already meeting most of the accession criteria, significant reform progress may be necessary to secure support from existing members of the single currency. read more

EU-Russia sanctions exchange has had important economic and political consequences - 20 Feb 2019

The Russian economy has suffered but also adapted, while pivoting to the East. Ukraine is still in trouble and the EU lacks a strategy. read more

The beginning of legitimacy crisis in Serbia - 11 Feb 2019

Public protests against the government are growing, but the chances of serious political change are limited by opposition weakness. read more

wiiw maintains its position among the top international think tanks - 01 Feb 2019

wiiw has again been ranked 4th best international economic policy think tank in the Global Go To Think Tank Report 2018 of the University of Pennsylvania. read more

Ten themes for CESEE in 2019 - 25 Jan 2019

External conditions have deteriorated, and the regional growth outlook is more subdued than was the case in 2017-18. read more