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The IMF and the Economic Quagmire in Ukraine - 07 Feb 2015

Peter Havlik talks with Susan Schadler, former IMF Deputy Director, about Ukraine’s deeply rooted governance problems and the weaknesses of the IMF engagement in the country. read more

Hungary's U-turn - 02 Feb 2015

In a recently pre-published paper János Kornai, the world famous Hungarian economist, provides a detailed analysis of the political and economic situation in Hungary. read more

Current issues of EU economic policy in the light of the Greek elections - 27 Jan 2015

In a panel discussion on 26 January, wiiw economists Kurt Bayer, Vladimir Gligorov and Michael Landesmann commented on the situation in Greece. Watch the video here. read more

wiiw ranked among the world's top economic policy think tanks - 26 Jan 2015

The recently published Global Go To Think Tank Ranking decorates wiiw as the best international economic policy think tank of Austria, and the 12th best in the world. read more

Crises and policy choices in Russia - 13 Jan 2015

Vladimir Gligorov comments on the unfolding of the crisis in Russia and challenges for policy makers in 2015. read more

The global financial cycle and Eurozone’s toxic policy mix - 08 Jan 2015

wiiw Scientific Director Michael Landesmann talks with Hélène Rey about global financial markets integration and the tight monetary and fiscal policies in the Eurozone read more

Elhanan Helpman on trade and inequality - 01 Jan 2015

On the occasion of the FIW Research conference Professor Elhanan Helpman (Harvard University) discusses the relationships between trade shocks and wage and income inequality. read more

wiiw Handbook of Statistics 2014 just released - 22 Dec 2014

The wiiw Handbook contains updated and expanded macroeconomic statistics and key structural indicators for 19 CESEE economies, allowing comparisons across themes, countries and time. read more

wiiw takes a break - 22 Dec 2014

As a challenging and interesting year is coming to an end, wiiw takes a break over the Christmas season read more

wiiw discusses the Rouble crisis - 19 Dec 2014

wiiw economists Vasily Astrov, Vladimir Gligorov and Michael Landesmann discuss the unfolding crisis, the international context and its impact on the Russian economy read more