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Italy is of systemic importance – European solutions are needed - 10 Apr 2020

The Italian economy has been in a kind of smouldering permanent crisis, but the negative economic effects of the Corona shock have worsened it. read more

The Great Pandemic as a Time of Great Transformation - 09 Apr 2020

The Coronavirus is causing great hardship but also driving extraordinary innovation that could reshape the future. read more

Update: Coronavirus response measures in Eastern Europe - 09 Apr 2020

Those that can are ramping up fiscal responses, while some are even starting to loosen restrictions on economic life. read more

Hungary: important changes in the shadow of the corona crisis - 08 Apr 2020

A new law allows PM Viktor Orbán the right to rule by decree, without any fixed time limit. read more

Eastern Europe Coronavirus tracker: Still a long way to go - 07 Apr 2020

Although the virus does not seem to be spreading as rapidly as in Western Europe, the economic fallout in 2020 will be severe. read more

The Coronavirus could dangerously accelerate centrifugal forces in the EU - 06 Apr 2020

Joint EU measures would not only alleviate short-term difficulties, but also help the recovery and improve the longer-term growth prospects of individual member states. read more

How economic globalisation affects income inequality - 06 Apr 2020

Globalisation is an important driver of income inequality within countries, but mostly via financial rather than trade channels. read more

Eastern Europe Coronavirus tracker: Preparing for the worst - 31 Mar 2020

The prospects for the region’s economies are increasingly dire, and many face a 2009-like downturn or worse. read more

New wiiw economic forecast for Eastern Europe - 17 Mar 2020

Coronavirus impact on region will be worst since global financial crisis. read more

Upcoming wiiw events cancelled - 13 Mar 2020

wiiw reacts to the current situation regarding corona virus. read more