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Further improvement in Western Balkan labour markets last year - 20 Mar 2018

Despite the positive trends, the region continues to struggle with low activity rates, and high levels of long-term and youth unemployment. read more

Mit eiserner Faust gegen NAFTA? - 19 Mar 2018

US Präsident Trump erhöht aus 'Sorge um die nationale Sicherheit' Zölle auf Stahl- und Aluminiumprodukte. Handelsdaten deuten dagegen auf Druckausübung auf NAFTA-Verhandlungspartner. read more

In Zahlen: von Stahl zu Fahrzeugen - 17 Mar 2018

Angedeutete US-Zölle auf Fahrzeuge stellen jene gegen Stahl und Aluminium in den Schatten. In Europa können diese Maßnahmen regional gänzlich unterschiedliche Effekte zeigen. read more

Russian economy going nowhere until relations with West and Ukraine improve - 15 Mar 2018

Without normalisation of external relations there will be no end to the vicious circle of sanctions, trade protectionism, and lack of investment. read more

New wiiw forecast for CESEE: Riding the global growth wave - 13 Mar 2018

Aggregate real GDP is at its strongest level for six years. Convergence with western Europe should continue in 2018-2020. read more

New US tariffs: Escalation to trade war would hit Europe hard - 09 Mar 2018

Tariffs on aluminium and steel would be damaging enough, but an expansion to passenger vehicles would affect a large share of EU car exports to the US. read more

Disagreeing about Alexander the Great is embarrassing - 16 Feb 2018

A solution of the Macedonian name dispute seems to be within reach. An interview with Vladimir Gligorov conducted by Panayiotis Savvidis. read more

wiiw prepares first regional Investment Report for CEFTA - 08 Feb 2018

Given the right policy mix, CEFTA economies could significantly increase the amount of FDI they receive, with positive implications for income growth. read more

EU Western Balkans Strategy: A welcome change of approach - 06 Feb 2018

The Commission has acknowledged that economic integration alone will not drive political cooperation, and signals a more interventionist stance by Brussels in the region. read more

Western Balkan countries knocking on EU’s door - 05 Feb 2018

Stronger economic integration with the EU would be beneficial for the Western Balkan countries, but they face bigger structural challenges than previous joiners. read more