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Fiscal austerity generally pushes income inequality upwards - 10 Apr 2018

Fiscal consolidation episodes generally lead to an increase in income inequality. The size, composition and timing of the fiscal adjustment matter. read more

Hungarian election: United opposition poses serious challenge to Fidesz - 06 Apr 2018

The peculiarities of the electoral system give the opposition a chance, but whoever wins will have to contend with significant medium-term economic challenges. read more

FDI in Eurasia: too little and from the wrong places? - 05 Apr 2018

The post-Soviet space has not been very attractive for foreign investors, owing largely to a poor investment climate and frozen conflicts. read more

Serbia and Kosovo: Legitimacy deficits are barrier to Brussels Agreement progress - 29 Mar 2018

The arrest of Marko Djuric and potential for a serious escalation will likely force an even stronger role for the EU as a mediator. read more

Kosovo’s new power plant provokes environmental and cost concerns - 23 Mar 2018

The plant will cut the energy deficit and boost the economy, but many aspects of the project have been criticised. A clean, sustainable energy future for Kosovo lies elsewhere. read more

EU cohesion policy has mixed results for firms’ productivity - 22 Mar 2018

In some areas the impact appears to be negative, although this may change over time. read more

Labour’s falling share of national income – and what to do about it - 21 Mar 2018

Centralised wage bargaining or a larger role for the state have limited the fall in the wage share since 1960. read more

Convergence or disintegration in Europe? The problem of structural polarization - 20 Mar 2018

The current economic upswing masks continued underlying challenges; ensuring long-term convergence and stability will require coordinated fiscal, wage and industrial policies. read more

Further improvement in Western Balkan labour markets last year - 20 Mar 2018

Despite the positive trends, the region continues to struggle with low activity rates, and high levels of long-term and youth unemployment. read more

Mit eiserner Faust gegen NAFTA? - 19 Mar 2018

US Präsident Trump erhöht aus 'Sorge um die nationale Sicherheit' Zölle auf Stahl- und Aluminiumprodukte. Handelsdaten deuten dagegen auf Druckausübung auf NAFTA-Verhandlungspartner. read more