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Brussels Eastern Partnership Summit: No thrills expected - 23 Nov 2017

In contrast to the milestone Vilnius meeting in 2013, the 5th Eastern Partnership (EaP) Summit in Brussels on 24 November will produce no big results. read more

A long-term matter - 22 Nov 2017

Most countries in CESEE will take decades to converge with average EU per capita income levels, but there is no obvious alternative to the current development model. By Leon Podkaminer read more

Who is swimming naked in CESEE? - 16 Nov 2017

A tidal wave of liquidity has tightened sovereign bond spreads across CESEE in the last decade. As global rates rise, differences in fundamentals will become clearer. read more

Q3 GDP data show EU-CEE still booming - 15 Nov 2017

The region is seeing positive labour market trends, and is benefitting from higher EU funds inflows and the strong cyclical upswing in Germany and other Western markets. read more

CESEE in 2017-2019: back on track to convergence - 09 Nov 2017

In our Autumn Forecast we revised up our expectations for growth across EU-CEE. For the Western Balkans, the CIS and Ukraine, the trends are generally less positive. read more

October 1917: How it all went wrong - 25 Oct 2017

The Russian Revolution heralded a fertile period for economic thinking in the 1920s, but this was decisively killed off by Stalin. The effects of the destruction he wrought have left a long shadow. read more

Czech election: Big changes in parliament, minimal economic impact - 23 Oct 2017

A big change in policy direction is unlikely under the next government, and opposition to euro accession and refugees will remain high. The economy will be largely unaffected. read more

Catalan Independence: Economic costs could be significant - 22 Oct 2017

Those in favour of Catalan independence should not underestimate the potentially huge economic costs this would entail. A commentary by Kurt Bayer. read more

Yugoslav lessons for Catalonia - 20 Oct 2017

The key to secession is establishing fiscal autonomy and territorial control, but this will take a long time, and the accommodation of Catalan demands within federal structures should still be possible. read more

Where will all the workers go...? - 12 Oct 2017

The ‘rise of the machines’ will have little impact on overall employment levels but will lead to rising labour market inequality and changes in demand for skills, David Dorn concluded at this year’s Global Economy Lecture. read more