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Hungarian forint still on the ropes - 26 Jul 2018

The central bank should act now to support the currency and get ahead of the curve on inflation, otherwise it may need to take more drastic measures later. read more

Solving the mystery of weak wage growth in EU-CEE - 26 Jul 2018

Earnings have been slow to respond to increasingly tight labour markets. The answer lies in post-crisis reforms which have significantly reduced labour’s bargaining power. read more

Freihandelsabkommen im Schatten des drohenden Handelskrieges - 16 Jul 2018

Während sich die Zollfronten zwischen den USA und China härten, wird das Freihandelsabkommen zwischen der EU und Japan fast unbemerkt verabschiedet. read more

Trade reorientation in Russia: will China replace the EU? - 10 Jul 2018

Ongoing tensions with the West mean that China’s importance as a source of imports for Russia will only continue to grow. read more

Von Zolleskalation zum Nulltarif - 09 Jul 2018

Anstatt Zölle auf europäische Autos zu erheben, kommt nun der US-Vorschlag, sie gänzlich abzuschaffen. Geht das so einfach? Ist der Vorschlag ernst zu nehmen? read more

A “European Silk Road”: the case for a “big push” in infrastructure investment - 06 Jul 2018

A new wiiw study concludes that Europe should respond to China’s New Silk Road initiative with its own coherent infrastructure network and transport strategy. read more

„Dollar für Dollar“: Konsequenzen einer „America Alone“-Politik - 05 Jul 2018

Laut US Präsident Trump ist es einfach einen Handelskrieg zu gewinnen. Doch die Wirtschaft der USA sieht das anders. read more

Iran: Rouhani visit to Austria comes at a difficult time - 03 Jul 2018

Austria and the EU are keen to help, but a new wiiw study on Iran concludes that US sanctions will add to an already extensive list of economic challenges. read more

CESEE: Growth has passed its peak - 28 Jun 2018

Julia Grübler and Vasily Astrov presented the new Forecast Report for the Central, East and Southeast European countries and their economic ties with Austria. read more

Turkey election: Erdoğan wins, but economy headed for stormy weather - 25 Jun 2018

The large current account deficit and high FX debt rollover needs leave Turkey exposed to increasingly volatile global conditions. read more