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EU-Russia sanctions exchange has had important economic and political consequences - 20 Feb 2019

The Russian economy has suffered but also adapted, while pivoting to the East. Ukraine is still in trouble and the EU lacks a strategy. read more

The beginning of legitimacy crisis in Serbia - 11 Feb 2019

Public protests against the government are growing, but the chances of serious political change are limited by opposition weakness. read more

wiiw maintains its position among the top international think tanks - 01 Feb 2019

wiiw has again been ranked 4th best international economic policy think tank in the Global Go To Think Tank Report 2018 of the University of Pennsylvania. read more

Ten themes for CESEE in 2019 - 25 Jan 2019

External conditions have deteriorated, and the regional growth outlook is more subdued than was the case in 2017-18. read more

Waiting for Putin - 17 Jan 2019

The Russian president may provide a boost for his embattled Serbian counterpart in the short run, but beyond that the roles of the US, EU and China will be more decisive. read more

What will happen after the Brexit vote in the UK parliament? - 15 Jan 2019

Michael Landesmann outlines the possible scenarios that might emerge with regard to 'new deals' negotiated within the UK Parliament in a video interview. read more

Romania’s EU Presidency: Give the government a chance! - 09 Jan 2019

Romania can succeed with the rotating Presidency of the EU in January-June 2019, provided the country’s government is allowed to concentrate on doing its job. read more

"Very few countries in Europe can afford to 'think European'" - 08 Jan 2019

Professor Loukas Tsoukalis shares his views on European integration and governance challenges in a video interview with wiiw’s Michael Landesmann. read more

Iran: New sanctions starting to bite - 18 Dec 2018

The difficulties faced by Iran under new US sanctions should not be underestimated. However, the government should not respond with a hard-line approach. read more

Protest against 'Slave Law' in Hungary - 18 Dec 2018

A new labour law increases permitted overtime from 250 to 400 hours per year. The amendment is opposed by 83% of the population and has triggered protests across Hungary. read more