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FDI in Central, East and Southeast Europe: mostly robust despite global downturn; shift into services - 06 Jun 2019

New wiiw Report finds the decline of FDI in 2018 being mainly on account of Russia, with inflows to the rest of the region being either flat or increasing. For 2019, a decline of FDI inflows is expected. read more

Faces of convergence - 27 May 2019

15 years on, a new e-book presents personal accounts of the EU’s eastern enlargement. read more

wiiw wins most forecast awards for CESEE countries - 21 May 2019

In total wiiw Economists were awarded 29 awards by Focus Economics across 12 countries in the region. read more

Another strong quarter for EU-CEE GDP growth - 15 May 2019

Most countries have passed their 2017-18 peaks, but Hungary and Romania continue to boom on the back of temporary factors. read more

Unemployment in Europe: What should be done? - 13 May 2019

Stable labour market institutions, public investment programmes and active labour market policies are essential for reducing high unemployment rates in several European countries. read more

EU eastward enlargement: A qualified success - 30 Apr 2019

On the 15th anniversary of the first accession of CESEE countries to the EU, there is plenty to be happy about. But also a lot still to do. read more

How to fill Europe’s investment gap - 29 Apr 2019

The case for a coordinated pan-European infrastructure investment project inspired by the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative – the ‘European Silk Road’. read more

Vučić could be running out of time - 26 Apr 2019

The Serbian president has built up unrealistic domestic expectations about a deal with Kosovo. He may face a public backlash as a result. read more

Ukraine’s presidential elections: entering uncharted waters - 24 Apr 2019

Relations with Russia will not improve significantly, while future economic policy depends largely on the results of the October parliamentary election. read more

Where is the inflation in CESEE? - 17 Apr 2019

In the context of rapid wage growth, inflation remains mysteriously low. This reflects a combination of factors, and may not change anytime soon. read more