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Where is the inflation in CESEE? - 17 Apr 2019

In the context of rapid wage growth, inflation remains mysteriously low. This reflects a combination of factors, and may not change anytime soon. read more

Iran’s structural challenges and available policy options - 11 Apr 2019

The government is in a very difficult position, owing to both domestic and external factors. Better cooperation with the EU should be a priority. read more

wiiw Spring Seminar 2019: What is the new normal for CESEE? - 05 Apr 2019

Demographics, migration, trade, digitalisation and the future of the EU were all high on the agenda at our annual event. read more

Turkey vote: what now? - 02 Apr 2019

The economic challenges facing the government remain significant, and it has a big job to reassure foreign investors. read more

CESEE in 2019-21: Moving into the slow lane - 27 Mar 2019

wiiw has just published its new economic forecasts for 23 economies in Central, East and Southeast Europe (CESEE) read more

Western Balkans Labor Market Trends 2019 - 21 Mar 2019

Western Balkans show improved labor market performance, but challenges remain for women, youth and less educated workers read more

Chinese foreign investment: A dangerous obsession or a new normal? - 18 Mar 2019

The West will have to get used to the rise of China and find ways to cooperate, including in CESEE. read more

Croatian euro accession: still some way to go - 25 Feb 2019

Despite already meeting most of the accession criteria, significant reform progress may be necessary to secure support from existing members of the single currency. read more

EU-Russia sanctions exchange has had important economic and political consequences - 20 Feb 2019

The Russian economy has suffered but also adapted, while pivoting to the East. Ukraine is still in trouble and the EU lacks a strategy. read more

The beginning of legitimacy crisis in Serbia - 11 Feb 2019

Public protests against the government are growing, but the chances of serious political change are limited by opposition weakness. read more