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Turkey’s economy at a crossroads - 08 May 2023

In 2023, GDP growth will halve to 2.6%. The earthquake disaster weighs on the country's economy. Inflation remains high and ultra-expansionary monetary policy could lead to a currency crisis read more

In memoriam Dionys Lehner (1942–2023) - 02 May 2023

Am 18. April ist das wiiw-Vorstandsmitglied Dionys Lehner im Alter von 80 Jahren verstorben. Der Industrie-Visionär und Wissenschafts-Mäzen war ein wahrer Freund und großer Förderer des Instituts. read more

Spring Forecast: Eastern Europe growing more strongly than the euro area - 26 Apr 2023

A fragile recovery, but downside risks remain. Ukraine proved more resilient than expected, while Russia sees structural change due to sanctions. Inflation remains stubbornly high read more

What future for the economic reconstruction of Ukraine? - 15 Mar 2023

After the war, Ukraine could follow the economic catch-up process of EU members in Central Europe. However, this requires massive support from the EU and other Western partners read more

Europe’s economy resilient to war fallout – for now - 13 Mar 2023

Economically, the EU has coped with the Ukraine war much better than expected. But if it cannot translate its economic power into political influence, it will remain vulnerable to external shocks read more

Munich Security Conference: wiiw and Bertelsmann Stiftung presented study on EU’s geo-economic influence - 08 Mar 2023

The EU is the economically dominant player in its neighbourhood, but does not use this leverage to support its interests. It should do more to counter Russia's and China's influence there read more

Sergei Guriev on the political economy of Putin’s war in Ukraine - 02 Mar 2023

Putin’s corrupt, centralised and interventionist regime had undermined economic growth in Russia. In order to restore his popularity at home, he resorted to violence abroad read more

Österreichs Außenhandel stagniert 2023 - 22 Feb 2023

Nach einer dynamischen Entwicklung 2022 erwartet das FIW für dieses Jahr nur ein geringes Wachstum der österreichischen Exporte und Importe read more

Russia’s war in Ukraine causes a reversal of FDI trends - 14 Feb 2023

Foreign direct investement in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe is suffering from the war. The recovery after COVID-19 came to a halt while the structure changed read more

Eastern European growth weaker, but resilient - 30 Jan 2023

Most countries avoid recession; recovery in Ukraine weaker than expected; oil sanctions against Russia are working; inflation has passed its peak read more