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wiiw on social media platforms - 06 Dec 2013

You can find wiiw now on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. read more

No take-off so far, wait for external push - 28 Nov 2013

wiiw presented new forecast for Central, East and Southeast Europe (2013-2015) read more

wiiw Handbook of Statistics 2013 just released - 27 Nov 2013

The wiiw Handbook contains updated and expanded macroeconomic statistics and key structural indicators for 19 CESEE economies, allowing comparisons across themes, countries and time. read more

Transitions in the Arab World: Any Lessons from CESEE? - 21 Nov 2013

wiiw Senior Economist and former Deputy Director Peter Havlik presents main lessons from the CESEE economic transitions for the Arab Spring countries at a major international conference in Baku, Azerbaijan read more

wiiw and IWH have launched major study on competitiveness of Southeast Europe - 14 Nov 2013

In seven country studies and a comparative report, the institutes will analyse the reasons for the region’s poor competitiveness and develop recommendations for effective measures to strengthen it. read more

Jobs Wanted: Youth in Southeast Europe - 25 Oct 2013

On 21 October, a high-level Policy Dialogue, co-organised by wiiw, took place in Vienna. read more

Positioning Austria in the global economy - 23 Oct 2013

The FIW published a new wiiw study on value added trade, international production sharing and global linkages. read more

Crisis Effects: Growth Prospects, Social Impact and Policy Responses in SEE and CIS - 23 Sep 2013

The sixth wiiw-GDN Research Competition came to an end and generated eleven research reports. read more

New, easy-to-use access to wiiw databases - 18 Sep 2013

wiiw has redesigned its database interface and now offers a new, user-friendly solution for all wiiw databases. read more

wiiw establishes new cooperation with IIASA - 19 Jul 2013

IIASA and wiiw have formed a new partnership for research and education. read more