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How to Spend it - 22 Jun 2020

A Franco-German-Austrian proposal for a European Covid-19 recovery programme read more

Chain mobility of health professionals among European countries - 17 Jun 2020

Imbalances in the supply and demand of health professionals are prevailing among European countries. read more

Contours of a Post-Covid Economy - 12 Jun 2020

How a future economy could and should look – in 14 points. read more

The Merkel–Macron proposal: a new instrument born of necessity - 26 May 2020

The proposed EU recovery fund could be the instrument to protect the euro against existential crises, but financing and repayment modalities need to be negotiated. read more

SEE Jobs Gateway Database now available on the wiiw website - 15 May 2020

The SEE Jobs Gateway Database – a labour market database on the Western Balkans – is now available via the wiiw website read more

wiiw further cuts its forecast for economic growth in Eastern Europe to below 2009 level and sees weaker recovery - 06 May 2020

All 23 economies in the region will experience a deep recession this year, wiping out at least two years of GDP growth. read more

Disappointing EU summit: Will the ‘recovery fund’ be large enough? - 27 Apr 2020

The meeting of the heads of state and government last week still lacked viable solutions for European burden sharing of corona crisis costs through a ‘recovery fund’. read more

European burden sharing of corona crisis costs: Why Germany should lead the way - 20 Apr 2020

The German government should seek rapprochement with the governments in Rome and Madrid to achieve viable solutions for European burden sharing of corona crisis costs. read more

Eastern Europe Coronavirus Tracker: Economic impact rising - 16 Apr 2020

Most countries report far fewer cases than in Western Europe, but the macro fallout will still be huge. read more

Italy is of systemic importance – European solutions are needed - 10 Apr 2020

The Italian economy has been in a kind of smouldering permanent crisis, but the negative economic effects of the Corona shock have worsened it. read more