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Evidence of brain gain for some Western Balkan countries - 11 Mar 2021

A new study shows net inflows of young, educated people into Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia since 2010. read more

The EU Budgetary Package 2021-2027 - 03 Mar 2021

The video of a recent expert discussion hosted by wiiw and including experts from the OeNB, Bruegel and wifo is now online. read more

Keynes, the output gap and the EU’s fiscal rules - 02 Mar 2021

A paper co-authored by wiiw’s Philipp Heimberger has won the German Keynes Society’s best-paper prize. read more

Draghi government: Seven ‘surprising’ facts about Italy - 16 Feb 2021

The main fault line of the Eurozone and the EU lies in the South - first and foremost in Italy. read more

Happy birthday Visegrád Group! - 15 Feb 2021

Panel discussion on the Group’s economic outlook, regional dynamics and role within the EU read more

Are EU trade agreements in line with the European Green Deal? - 15 Feb 2021

New trade agreements promote sustainability, but enforceability and pricing of ‘pains from trade’ remain challenging. read more

In it together: The economic recovery from COVID-19 in Central Europe - 12 Feb 2021

EU funds will support the recovery in the Visegrád countries, with positive spill-overs for Austria and Germany. read more

Breaking through the digital ceiling: ICT skills and labour market opportunities - 04 Feb 2021

Jobs which require strong ICT-skills are more secure. Absence of ICT-skills limit labour market opportunities. read more

wiiw ranked third best international economic policy think tank in the world - 29 Jan 2021

The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) has retained its third place rank in the Global Go To Think Tank Report 2020 of the University of Pennsylvania. read more

EU bonds are a model for the future of Europe - 27 Jan 2021

The EU will issue up to €750billion in bonds to finance the EU recovery plan. For the future, this should be a model for tackling common problems such as climate change. read more