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Iran: Economic troubles create political risks - 04 Sep 2018

As in the past, US sanctions risk producing a more hard-line government, but the Iranian administration should pursue a more moderate course. read more

Rights and Territories in the Western Balkans - 30 Aug 2018

Serbia and Kosovo are moving towards an agreement on a land swap. The chances of success, however, are very low. read more

Does Croatia’s World Cup success show that CESEE is back as a footballing power? - 23 Aug 2018

State fragmentation and relative economic decline have seen the region’s teams generally struggle since the 1970s. read more

Are we heading for a bigger emerging markets crisis? - 22 Aug 2018

The Turkey panic may just be the first indication of a broader sell-off as US rates continue to rise, and many in CESEE could be affected. read more

US sanctions carrousel spins faster - 16 Aug 2018

The new measures against Russia will harm growth, and will accelerate Moscow’s attempts to build stronger economic ties with other partners. read more

Turkey: Big policy change needed - 13 Aug 2018

A full-blown crisis is still avoidable, but would require policymakers to take steps that they appear far from willing to take. read more

Aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben - 27 Jul 2018

Vorerst heißt es aufatmen: Die EU und die USA bewegen sich von den Handelskriegsfronten wieder Richtung Verhandlungstisch – für ein „Mini-TTIP“? read more

Hungarian forint still on the ropes - 26 Jul 2018

The central bank should act now to support the currency and get ahead of the curve on inflation, otherwise it may need to take more drastic measures later. read more

Solving the mystery of weak wage growth in EU-CEE - 26 Jul 2018

Earnings have been slow to respond to increasingly tight labour markets. The answer lies in post-crisis reforms which have significantly reduced labour’s bargaining power. read more

Freihandelsabkommen im Schatten des drohenden Handelskrieges - 16 Jul 2018

Während sich die Zollfronten zwischen den USA und China härten, wird das Freihandelsabkommen zwischen der EU und Japan fast unbemerkt verabschiedet. read more