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Estimates that should set alarm bells ringing: Downgrading Germany’s fiscal space - 26 Nov 2020

The EU Commission has just revised Germany's “structural” budget deficit for 2021 upwards – by €42 billion. The underlying estimation problems should set off alarm bells in Berlin. read more

Can we justify EU Cohesion Policy? - 25 Nov 2020

New wiiw research shows that cohesion policy has positive effects on GDP growth, and that spending in poorer regions increases demand in richer parts of the EU. read more

Inequality in Austria is higher than expected - 23 Nov 2020

The 10 percent of the Austrian population with the highest income earn more than three times the Austrian average and seven times more than the lowest-income half of the population. read more

No quick recovery in sight, coronavirus risks looming large - 12 Nov 2020

wiiw just released its new economic forecasts and analysis for Eastern Europe read more

Belarus: What next? - 28 Oct 2020

wiiw invited three experts from Belarus to discuss the most urgent economic policy challenges for the country in light of the current crisis. Watch the video here. read more

Estimation errors with dire consequences - 20 Oct 2020

In EU fiscal surveillance, errors produced by an estimation model have led to excessive fiscal consolidation pressure. After the southern countries, this will soon affect Germany and Austria as well. read more

New wiiw study: Refugees in Austria often start work in jobs that they are overqualified for - 14 Oct 2020

Policy measures must focus on avoiding a prolonged job-skills mismatch, and particular attention should be paid to females and those with higher education read more

22nd EU-Ukraine summit: An Ordinary Meeting in Extraordinary Times - 08 Oct 2020

The 2020 EU-Ukraine summit did not bring any major political decisions, but was useful in terms of demonstrating a joint commitment to the achievement of long-term goals. read more

New EU Enlargement Package promises increased funding for the Western Balkans - 08 Oct 2020

The new plan alone is insufficient; deeper economic integration of the region with the EU ahead of accession is needed. read more

Measuring globalisation: A new database on economic openness - 06 Oct 2020

To facilitate research on globalisation and related issues, this article introduces a new data set with different trade, financial and overall openness indicators for 216 countries over 1960-2019. read more